Big Time Gaming Slots

Diverse, well regarded, and innovative – these are just some of the attributes associated with Big Time Gaming, otherwise known as BTG, and their slot machines. A lot of focus is put onto their casinos, and rightly so, but there’s also a lot to be said about the games they create and distribute, which is why we’ve decided to take a closer look at their portfolio.

Throughout this article, we will examine not only what the slots offer, e.g. jackpots, mini games, etc, but also the common characteristics that all of these BTG games share. This will only be a brief overview of what to expect and look out for, but at least it’ll give you a simple introduction to the world of BTG slot machines.

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Common Traits

One of the most common characteristics of BTG slots is their exciting animations. Even though the titles will often showcase different genres and themes, you’ll always be greeted by an impressive, though sometimes retro looking, set of aesthetics. There’s a brightness and vibrance to their titles, even if they’re not always the most modern looking games to play; we like to think of it as a good balance between retro and modern, so that you get a postmodern finish.

Continuing on from the graphics now and to the paytable itself, you’ll so learn that BTG keeps a lot of its bonuses much the same. What this means above all else, is that free spins and multipliers are the common features you’ll interact with; we’re not saying that more bonuses won’t be offered, just that they may not be as common. The free spins tend to be brought about by the scatter or bonus icon of the game, while the multipliers typically work as an extra which comes into effect once these free games are being played. As for how these spins work out, that depends on the game itself, however you can be sure that there’ll be a common factor among them all.

Another trait that definitely needs talking about is the return to player rating, aka the RTP; this is always worth being aware of, as it determines how often you’re likely to secure a win. It’s a given that as with any form of gambling, there’s a randomness to the way wins fall, however there’s certain factors that help determine how often that may be. For the most part, the average RTP for BTG titles is 96%, the occasional few are lower or higher than this, but we find that this is the most consistent amount given. In regards to how good that actual percentage is, this demonstrates a good law of averages on how likely it is that a percentage of your stakes will make their way back into your accounts.


We could talk more about the less common conventions of BTG slots, as well as select a couple of activities as examples of how these games play out, but we thought looking at betting would be more beneficial. After all, if you’re not aware of how easy and accessible a game financially is, you won’t know whether you can afford to play it or not.

More often than not, the lowest amount you can stake on any one game is 0.01 credits – this may be per line or per spin of all the reels, but either way, it’s a good starting point. The reason being is because it caters to budget gamers, those of us who don’t have much cash to flash but still want to play. But what of highrollers and those with a lot of money to burn? They’re also catered to, as some of the higher betting limits are as much as 400 credits! BTG has been designed with all walks of gamer in mind, and as a result, their games are better for it and more likely to be played.

Regardless of the limitations set by the game, please make sure to gamble wisely when playing with BTG, or indeed any other iGaming brand as well. If you’re ever in doubt, many BTG casinos allow you to set your own limits in order to help keep you on track.