Inherent Evil 2: Dark Whispers

Availability: September 2008
Genre: Adventure/Horror
Platform: PC – Windows 98/ME/XP/2000
System Requirements: Pentium 600 or better, 256MB Memory, 16x CD ROM, SVGA Graphics Card, Sound Card, DirectX 9

Almost a year after Kyle Reed faced the dark horrors of his family owned hotel he finds himself outside the decrepit building looking for answers.

He won’t go inside because he knows the answers to the questions he has are no longer there. They’re with his estranged brother who did not die in the hotel a year earlier like originally thought.

In the remote woods of northern New York, Kyle is about to discover the evil that lurked in the hotel was nothing compared to the horror that is now roaming free.

» Features:
• Beautiful 3D environments rendered in horrific detail.

• Challenging real-world based puzzles.

Explore the houses of former residents and witness the horror first hand.

• Follow clues in a series of newspaper articles written over the last twenty years and discover long kept secrets.

• Challenge reality and sanity as Kyle ascends into a dark realm of mystery and evil to discover the truth.