In the summer of 1995 I was nineteen years old and had the great opportunity to do something I’d always dreamed of doing: create a PC game. Without any experience I worked on concepts with my best friend while we both taught ourselves not only advanced programs like 3D Studio and Corel, but even how to run basic functions on a PC. Up until this opportunity I hadn’t even the smallest experience with a PC newer than an Apple IIc.

After realizing many of our ideas were too complex for our small team, we came up with the concept of a haunted hotel, something like The 7th Guest, which we got a big kick out of, but more interactive. The game became Inherent Evil and it was completed in 1998. Inherent Evil’s original release was marred by a few flaws, many as a result of the game being designed to be a contest and then the contest being cancelled right before the game would release. (The contest was supposed to be an 8 week event where each week a code unlocked a game part and the first person to complete the final part would win $10,000).

Originally released in 1999, Inherent Evil has been rebuilt to eliminate some of the setbacks of the previous version and becomes available to Adventure enthusiasts who aren’t afraid of the dark…and a little blood.

Join Kyle Reed as he searches through his family owned hotel to find his missing brother. As the night grows longer, it becomes clear that the evil that claimed his parent’s lives in the hotel wants him as well. Be brave as you walk the halls, you just have to stay alive until morning…

System Requirements:

  • Pentium 166MHz, Windows 95/98/ME/XP running in 16 bit color
  • 32 MB RAM, 8x CD-ROM drive,
  • SoundBlaster compatible sound card
  • DirectX compatible video card
  • Keyboard, 100% Microsoft compatible mouse
  • 150 MB Hard Disk Space

$9.99 + Shipping – Comes in Collectors Edition DVD case.