Flip-Swap Safari

Availability: August 2006
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: PC – Windows 98/ME/XP/2000
System Requirements: Pentium 600 or better, 256MB Memory, 16x CD ROM, SVGA Graphics Card, Sound Card, DirectX 9

Flip-Swap SafariNeed a vacation? Well then welcome to Flip-Swap Safari! Take in the beautiful exotic locations and view the native wildlife as you relax to a soft soundtrack.

Match like animals together to score points and advance levels. If you can’t find a match, flip your pieces to get a different animal on the other side!

Play one of four fun game modes such as Poacher Challenge or, if you’re in the mood to just soak up the beautiful environment at your own pace, play Endless mode.

With each new level advance you travel to another exotic location!

Unlock an entire gallery of wildlife and exotic locations by making high-scoring animal matches.

» Features:
• Over 30 different animals all native to different exotic locations.

• Travel to 10 different locations as you advance further into the game.

Relax to the beautiful original soundtrack as you take in the beautiful scenery.

• 4 different game modes including Endless mode for the truly relaxing experience.

• Match animals to unlock over 100 beautiful images in the Safari Gallery.