Availability: August 8, 2006
Genre: Action/Puzzle
Platform: PC – Windows 98/ME/XP/2000
System Requirements: Pentium 600 or better, 256MB Memory, 3D Accelerated Graphics Card, Sound Card, DirectX 9

Feeders!Deep in the ocean live little creatures who work tirelessly to keep the ocean clean, they’re called Feeders.

Now you can help keep the ocean clean as you match falling algae pieces to the animal that eats them! Be careful though, loose stones fall from above and can get in your way!

Feeders is an action/puzzle game for those who love to think fast!

Three challenging game modes provide different challenges, can you beat all three?

» Features:
• Colorful underwater graphics bring the under ocean fun alive!

• Catchy Caribbean soundtrack to keep you going!

Three game modes, each with a unique challenge!

• Keep the pace as the game speeds up! Can you beat all 100 levels?

• Simple to learn, difficult to master. Fun and challenging for all ages!