Who’s behind Big Time Games?

That’d be me, Bryan Wiegele. Hi, how are you? I’m a passionate game designer with a dream goal to create a website dedicated to developing high quality games that cost the consumer nothing, 100% free to enjoy. I’ve been very fortunate to have been a part of 14 games over the past 17 years including Command and Conquer: Yuri’s Revenge, Madagascar 2, Whiplash and more! I’m also the creator of the Delaware St. John mystery series that has been published around the world in 5 languages.

My goal is to prove there’s an audience out there for people who want high quality gaming provided for free for their PC, Mac, phone or tablet. Why? As a gamer I’ve become increasingly disappointed with how companies have abused the word “free” lately. Sure, a game may be initially free to download but once inside they’re asking you to purchase in-game currency to advance! Or it may be “free” by forcing you to bug your friends into helping you progress. And don’t even get me started on DLC where you pay $60 for a game then an additional $5, $10 or more to unlock content that’s already on the disc!

I want to restore the meaning of free back to what it should be: FREE!
Be a part of the Freevolution!

Will these games REALLY be free?

Absolutely 100% completely free, yes. Here’s how:

Our plan is to have each game sponsored. This would mean after the game is launched you’d see a short “Brought to you by…” screen. Then, at certain points in the game, there would be gameplay associated with the product the sponsor wanted to bring attention to. The idea is these sponsored products would be presented AS gameplay, not as an in-game video of an advertisement.

One example could be this: In an adventure game there are overgrown bushes blocking a path. The player would search around to find a bottle of Roundup brand weed killer with a subtle “Roundup. Perfect to take care of those weeds!” voiceover.

In a match 3 game, it could be a small “intermission” scene where the player is matching dirty clothes to the Tide brand detergent bottle to clean a specific number of items.

The goal would be to not only incorporate these product placements intelligently, but also make them interchangeable so when Tide isn’t advertising anymore, we swap out with a generic and the game does not change at all. This would enable not just a one-time sponsor for a growing collection of games, but swapping them out at any time.

Lastly, our service would start off as free games on PC and Mac but very shortly expand availability to almost any device including phones and tablets.

The complete vision is a website of truly free gaming that can be accessed and enjoyed on whatever device you choose. The game saves would be stored in the cloud so you could play on PC for a while then pick up where you left off on your iPad later on.

What type of games will you provide?

At first we’re going to focus on point and click adventure, puzzle, hidden object and turn-based games. From there we will follow the desires of our audience and continue to build the games they want!

One of the first games we’ll be developing is based on the fantastic new sci-fi series; Black Alpha. The creator,Tom Rasch, is an accomplished comic book and concept artist who has worked with Marvel Comics, Sony Online, The Animation Farm, Actionopolis, Gazillion Entertainment, and Burst Online-among others. He’s contributed his talents to IP’s such as Punisher 2099, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, the PSN title PAIN!, covers for the Actionopolis book line, the film “The People vs. George Lucas”, as well as the Fortune Online MMO and Burst Online’s Warmage as senior concept artist.

Also part of the starting line up are “Asylum of The Lost” the 4th in the ongoing Delaware St. John mystery series, “The Red Queen of Oz” a third person point and click adventure game and “decay” an adventure game following a man destroyed by the loss of his family.

In addition to new games, we will also take our older games and convert them to the site as well! In the first two years we could have as many as twenty games available!

What can I do to help?

You only need to do one thing; visit our facebook page and show your support by “liking” it! That’s it! The sooner we can get 1,000 likes, the sooner we can move to the next step! The more likes we get beyond that, well that just helps us prove there’s a big market out there who would love a steady stream of new free games! Please show your support today!